Jumat, 29 Januari 2010

b'girl featured....!!

me, michelle, talisha, ayu and febrina had been featured in b'girl magz.
i was amazing! the stylish and the make up artist are so humble and nice.
we had (i had )so much fun there
well, i couldn't say more. just let the pictures tell you the atmosphere and the story.

with my sister, stylish and make up artist

that bowie hat soo adorable

Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

these are some old photos which i havent post yet
actually, my sister, fika, has posted it in her blog for a comparison.
these photos took when i just got back from campus.
this top is very comforty, its perfect for a whole day studying at campus

this is what i wore..

top - DIY / outwear - spore / jeans - mangga2 / shoes - casedgy / bag - sis's

date with my lil sis ;)))

this time i had a date with my little sister.
i always like going out with my sister because its comfortable and its so much fun
you'll never know whats gonna happen..
there will be something new
i like accompanying her to buy some lollipop or some cute chocolate
its really fun tho

and this is what i wore..
top - abercrombie / zipper hi waist jeans - NABLY / pink shoes - casedgy / pink chain bag - pop

Date with my brother :)

haha.. i had a date with my brother, his name is Auzan.
its kinda funny tho, but i like hangout with him because we have a similar interest about things.
mostly we talked about clothes, shoes and etc
we like to go shopping together
it must be so much fun

this is what i wore..

black cardi - DIY/polka top - made by myself/dark jeans - kate moss/ black heels - retail therapy

Senin, 11 Januari 2010

Fun Time with Family

My cousins from Aceh and Medan spent their holiday in Jakarta for a couple week
it's been a great time to be with them since we don't meet so often
Now, they already go back to Aceh and Medan, the house is kinda empty and I will miss this time for sure!!

these are some pics when we spent time a full day in looking for a Sherlock Holmes ticket but we didn't get it..however, it still be a great time!!

cardi from bandung/ black top - mango/ bag - guess/ shoes - angel&devil onlineshop

Ka' Fika, Ka' Amel, Me

.Full team minus Najla, my little sis who took this pic

she never want to get captured..and this is a snapshot of her :D

my little sis is the one who wear stripe cardi

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I know I'm soo late but I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
these are some pics of my New Year Eve at PVJ, Bandung !!

blouse - orange/ bag - guess/ shoes - NABLY BYFIKA/ unbranded blazer and jeans

with sister and cousins

both of us wear the shoes from NABLY :)..soo comfortable!!

me with the boys!!

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