Jumat, 05 Maret 2010

gossip girls gone crazy on set!!

i had a photoshoot with my girlies. we decided GOSSIP GIRL as our theme on these photoshoot. Michelle Hendra as Serena van derWoodsen, Talisha Quinta as Blair Waldorf, Michelle Koesnadi as Jenny Humphrey, febrina as Nelly Yuki and me as Georgina Sparks. and a superb thanks to our fabulous photographer, Yudia Ayu.


febrina a.k.a nelly yuki

michelle koesnadi a.k.a jenny humphrey

michelle hendra a.k.a serena van der woosen

moi a.k.a georgina sparks

talisha a.k.a blair waldorf

Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

my name is khan!

heyy,, a couple days ago, i watched MY NAME IS KHAN
i thought it was just an ordinary "india" movie with all the dancing and singing thing.
i decided to watch this movie just because i've seen the other movie.
soo.. i watched the movie with "the not expecting anything" feeling.
and i found out that it's such a really great movie. it made my day full of cry.
and the film got me a very beautiful message which is basically say that there are just two kind of human, the good one the bad one.
turns out that bollywood movie getting better and better averyday
ahh, such a good movie, no regrets at all

can wait to watch 3 idiots!

what i wore..
black tube top-unbranded / skirt-swep's / white blazer-ZARA / shoes-casedgy / bag-dior