Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

these are some old photos which i havent post yet
actually, my sister, fika, has posted it in her blog for a comparison.
these photos took when i just got back from campus.
this top is very comforty, its perfect for a whole day studying at campus

this is what i wore..

top - DIY / outwear - spore / jeans - mangga2 / shoes - casedgy / bag - sis's

3 komentar:

fhen mengatakan...

love the outfit
ah wish could meet you in the next blogger meet up
but i cant :(

sii miemi mengatakan...

love ur top bil..

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ fhenny : iyaa.. sedih deh. nanti kalo kamu balik ke jkt lagi ktemuan lagi yaa :)))

@ sii miemi : makasi yaa hehe