Sabtu, 10 April 2010

food testing!!

so, lately i've been really busy helping my sister preparing her wedds.
yeah, she's goin married on the end of this year.
i dunno why, but i think there are so many people married this year.
so, we (me and my sister fika from sweet escape) went to a lots of wedding to do some test food. so we can decided what catering we should choose on her's.

what i wore
stripes top-cotton ink / blue hi waist-gitchy / shawl-sister's / bangles-random /shoes-retail theraphy


i went to my cousin's wedding.
it's weird to see him married tho..but i'm happy for him. ;))
GOOD LUCK to begin a whole new life bro. hehe
well, what i like about wedding is the food. i like eating.
so, this dress is really perfect, because i can hide my big tummy after eating all of those delicious foods.

what i wore..
dress-aunt's boutique / tights-unbranded / shoe-casedgy / bag-random

Kamis, 01 April 2010

une soiree avec l'ambassador du france et mes amis!!

last weekend was the week of francophone.
French faculty held a weekend celebration in commemoration of this event.
and some peoples had a great opportunity to celebrate it with the French embassy.
it was held at akwina hotel (i know, it didn't sound familiar), but yeah..who cares
so, i headed there with my girls and enjoyed the event.

what i wore
lace dress-sister's / shoes-casedgy / lace outwear-tailor's / pearl accessories-mom's gift

l'anniversaire de Nindia ;))))

yep, another long time no see. hehe
a couple weeks ago i went to my girlies birthday party.
well, maybe you could say a birthday dinner
i love birthday, spending great moment together, setting aside the entire activities, gossiping, eating, taking photos etc..(at DAPOER)

what i wore
dress-m)phosis / tights-unbranded / shoes-casedgy / bag-mom's / necklace&bracelet-nably