Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

the 2nd blogger gathering

quick report from 2nd Annual Blogger Meet up!!

actually the meet up was held a few days ago
but i just had a perfect time to post it
that was a very good and memorable time
i had fun with all of those really great blogger
and it making me excited to update my blog again
well, should do that again and oftenly for sure
ooh.. i just realized that i didn't have a picture of me with piping, fhenny, and riati in my camera..*and my sis too
its just really hectic and i forgot, i thought i've had pictured with everyone

the squads are:
Nalia Rifika, Eva Silviana, Riati Cornelia Sanjaya, Fhenny Chen, Susan Angelia, Regina Abigail, Nathania Verina, Talisha Quinta, Venezia Lowis, Heidy F.M Kalalo, Lidwina Grata, Michelle Koesnadi, and Me :)

This is what I wore:
unbranded outwear ; manggo tank ; unbranded jeans ;
quilted bag from singapore ; shoes from a friend's boutique (forgot the name)

Selasa, 22 Desember 2009


after 3 months I'm back!!
will not write too much coz I'm just too tired and I had 'a big bussiness' for tomorrow, so I need to get rest

I'll just leave you with this photo and a little updates!!

anw, although I've been gone for 3 months but I keep updates with blogging world..
I attended 3 meet up with bloggers!!

this first one is in october, I had a meet up with
Clara from sunflares plethora
Onic from miss onic.
and of course my sis, Fika from sweet escape

the second meet up is held about a week ago at skydining plangi with
Silvi from crunchy cheese me, Michelle from glisters and blisters ., Fhenny from little miss fhenny, Onic from miss onic., Oki from
Ringa Dinga Boing Boing, and My sis, Fika sweet escape

and today I just attended the third meet up with another 12 fab bloggers! I will tell you more about it tomorrow coz I need a beauty sleep now ;)

Don't forget to follow my twitter, @nabilahatifa
I just made an account about a month ago :D