Rabu, 03 Maret 2010

my name is khan!

heyy,, a couple days ago, i watched MY NAME IS KHAN
i thought it was just an ordinary "india" movie with all the dancing and singing thing.
i decided to watch this movie just because i've seen the other movie.
soo.. i watched the movie with "the not expecting anything" feeling.
and i found out that it's such a really great movie. it made my day full of cry.
and the film got me a very beautiful message which is basically say that there are just two kind of human, the good one the bad one.
turns out that bollywood movie getting better and better averyday
ahh, such a good movie, no regrets at all

can wait to watch 3 idiots!

what i wore..
black tube top-unbranded / skirt-swep's / white blazer-ZARA / shoes-casedgy / bag-dior

22 komentar:

INBERT StreetStyle mengatakan...

I'm really2 love your Skirt... Love it.... Hey Nabilaa.. wanna exchange link if U don't mind... :)


Nabila RH mengatakan...

@inbert : thanks :). Yes, but I just signed off. Well, I'll link you next time when I blog right? Hehe

regina mengatakan...

really love your style nabila and also your shoeeees! hehehe.
Ohmy you're so luuucky because already watched my name is khan.i just dont have a time to watch it:( really sad

sii miemi mengatakan...

wow bil... keren sekali dirimu..
love it

Nathalie Kartika Putri mengatakan...

gorgeus skirt :)
love your style as always

xoxo nathalie

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ regina : thanks :).. Yes, you hv to watch thh movie. Really good! :D

@ sii miemi: thankyou :) hehe

@natalie : thankyou natalie :))

Nora mengatakan...

yeah.. Indian movie is getting better and better. Ive watched 3 idiots too. truly inspiring. =))
anyway, i love the white blazer. you look pretty.

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ nora : yess.. Agree! Thanks btw :)

FIAN mengatakan...

wew.. love your shoes and your skirt dear,, :)


don't forget to visit my OL shop too :)

Anonim mengatakan...

love your outfit!

michelle_ mengatakan...

nab critanya gantian nihh.. kak fika uda jarang ngepost.. trus now you're taking her place as the fashion blogger yah ? hahaha..

i miss both of you guyss sooo much !

Anonim mengatakan...

love your heels

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ fian , castor & anita : thx guys !! :)

@ michelle : hahaha..enggak sih, tp akhir2 ini lagi seneng ngeblog aja. Dapet moodnya. :D
K fika udh jarang abis dia sibuk sih kerjanya..

Eva Silviana mengatakan...

You are totally gorgeous and beautiful nab!!!

Veren Lee mengatakan...

love it kak...

have a nice weekend,
veren .a little princess.

t a l i s h a mengatakan...

love the skirt and the blazer!!
aaaahhh i haven't watched that movie.. so many movies are coming out n i've seen none of them..

Tabitha mengatakan...

love your skirt dear.
link me back if you don't mind :)

LOVE, beauty splashes

michelle_ mengatakan...

nabb gw uda pos gossip girl :D

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@silvi : kamu juga silll. kangen2.hehe

@veren : makasi ya :)

@talisha : hrs nntn talll..haha. they're really great. thx btw ;D

@tabitha : thx ;)

@michelle : iyaaa.. gw juga jg mau nge post niii

ForeistCage mengatakan...

Love your skirt! :D


janet mengatakan...

love this look!

Abysm mengatakan...

loveee your shoes

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