Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

just another random day

this photos i took when im about to hangout with my sisters. well, i got my little sister to help me took all the photos and i got my older sister fika from sweet escape bought me lunch. actually at some point they were really nice tho..hehe

what i wore
blue jeans-mangga2 / outwear-CHI / top-cookie / shoes-mandy's / bag-kochi

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Anonim mengatakan...

Hey there! Nice post btw :)
I'm Nicoline from http://makeashout.blospot.com
mind following/link me? Repply in my comment pls :)

blivbook mengatakan...

Cute outfit to go out with your sisters! Love that youre rockin' the hot pink

Cheers, B & Liv
B L I V B O O K : darling&diva ♥

F i K a mengatakan...

like the color of the top!! I like your expression on the close up shot..jarang2 bil loe bagus :p..hahaha