Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

j'adore stam!

This is my second post!
Love Jessica Stam soo bad
she is gorgeous, i like her kitty eyes. hehe
her style is so simply and she loves wearing black which is same with me =D
These all pics are random. I forgot the exact sources. i just love to collect her photos =)

love her chanel bag!

like her leather jacket

peace is important, let's make peace =)

damn hot!

this is my favourite, she looks adorable in her street style

simply black yet classy

love her smile, bag, jeans, jacket, and her nude make up. love her total looks

dolly look of stam
thx for y'all who already visiting my blog and leave some comments.
I really appreciate it =)
i'm still new in here so i'll be happy if you give me some suggestions to make my blog better!
thx =)

6 komentar:

Maverick Malone mengatakan...

Yeah, Stam is gorgeous-great style!

Nice blog :) Great start!

xox, mavi

Bere Tarde o temprano mengatakan...

welcome!!! you picked very nice pictures! i will be visiting your blog since now :)

Sabila Anata mengatakan...

She's so skinny >.<

Caroline Robianto mengatakan...

stam is very pretty :D

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ Mavi : she's gorgeous!
thx =)

@ Bere : thank you, for visiting mine =). I'll
be visiting yours too =)

@ sabila :yep, she's skinny (like most of
models out there) but i think, she's
still looks fresh & healthy =)

@ caroline : agree =)

curipandang mengatakan...

Wow! It's nice post!

You can posting this article also in If you don't mind of course :)

nice blog anyway.