Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

the 2nd blogger gathering

quick report from 2nd Annual Blogger Meet up!!

actually the meet up was held a few days ago
but i just had a perfect time to post it
that was a very good and memorable time
i had fun with all of those really great blogger
and it making me excited to update my blog again
well, should do that again and oftenly for sure
ooh.. i just realized that i didn't have a picture of me with piping, fhenny, and riati in my camera..*and my sis too
its just really hectic and i forgot, i thought i've had pictured with everyone

the squads are:
Nalia Rifika, Eva Silviana, Riati Cornelia Sanjaya, Fhenny Chen, Susan Angelia, Regina Abigail, Nathania Verina, Talisha Quinta, Venezia Lowis, Heidy F.M Kalalo, Lidwina Grata, Michelle Koesnadi, and Me :)

This is what I wore:
unbranded outwear ; manggo tank ; unbranded jeans ;
quilted bag from singapore ; shoes from a friend's boutique (forgot the name)

7 komentar:

regina mengatakan...

hey nabilaaa! so glad when i know that you're back in blogging:) btw visit mine yaa and nice to meet you at the met up:)

RiaTii mengatakan...

hahha meet up. i want the 2nd meet up.
so nice met u kak (:
btw i link u already (:
follow my blog too if u dont mind ? thanks (:

GRICIA mengatakan...

sayang banget yha gk sempet ktmuan..i have to back to d time yha kt kenalan in person ^_^

Mind to exchange link>mine is

piping mengatakan...

haiii bila!!! hihihi!! thanks for your nice comment :D

it's nice to meet u really, anyway i've linked u :)

michelle_ mengatakan...

akhirnya di update km .
nih ak kasih first comment nya deh ! hahah

lovely blog post :D
thanks for the lovely comments for the blogger interview post..
Hugs et Kisses.. Michelle @
glistersANDblisters . blogspot . com

fhen mengatakan...

nabilaa so happy could meet you for the 2nd time
hope there will be 3rd time etc haha
great that you have updated the blog again!
have just followed you dear :)


Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ regina : iyaa.. hehe ini baru posting lg. ada 4 new post. visit blog ku lagi yaa

@riatii : hehe. i was really fun. iya.. nanti aku follow kamu ya :)

@ gricia: iyaaa, sayng banget ga sempet ketemu..aku datengnya telat soalnya.. :( nanti dtg ke meet up selanjutnya k? kita ketemu yaa :)

@ piping : no worries baby ;)

@ michelle : makasi sayangg..haha.
sama samaa :)

@fhenny : iyaa, hope to see you soon fhen..hihi