Jumat, 26 Februari 2010

The apartment

hellooo thereee...long time no bloggin.haha
so glad that finally i could find a way to blog again.
soo.. yesterday i went out to the apartment with my girls.
such a nice getaway after a week full of assignment and homework and presentation and bla bla bla bla

*we dicided to pick the bathroom spot as our territory :D

here some of the photos..

what i wore :
flowery top-mangga2 / legging-next / belt-mom's / brown shoes-casedgy / bag-mom's / headband-gift

haha stupid pose, its funny but i like it

full team..yeahh!

we kind a took photos in every spot..the interior is so cute. i cant help it to not take photos there lol (the crazyness's began)

20 komentar:

fhen mengatakan...

love the outfit, bila
looking pretty and somehow vontage-ish :)
the apartment looks great
maybe i should give it a try


Veren Lee mengatakan...

Love it... :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri mengatakan...

aww love your bag :)

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@fhenny : haha,, thanks love. yeah you should! btw, i just leave some comment on yours :)))

@veren : thanks :)

@natalie : hihi thx :)

sii miemi mengatakan...

i love ur bag and ur shoes bil.. lucu...
u look have fun

Muhammad. Ersa Adiprasetya mengatakan...

wow nice blog :)

love your outfits


A N A S T A S Y A mengatakan...

looking sweet Nab, the apartment looks cozy, where is it anyway?

regina mengatakan...

a really great outfit and also love the photoshoot!

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@sii miemi : mercii..hehe yes, I did have fun there :))

@muhamad ersa : thx :D

@anastasya :thx.. :D yes. The place is real nice. You should visit it, it located at kuningan, Menara gracia. :)

@regina : thankyou ree.. :)). I love it too

Susan mengatakan...

love your outfit and pretty as usual kak :]

The Apartment sounds nice maybe I'll try it next time

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ susan : grasias!! :) yep try it!

Nora mengatakan...

you're really pretty!
love the look. its so vintage. =))

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ nora : hihi thx dear :)

michelle_ mengatakan...

i love ur top very much !
aduuuu km jarang update dhh.. sering2 dong updatee..

thanks for the comments !
visit - follow - comment me

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ michelle : ehehehee.. Iyaa. Nanti di tambah deh frekuensi blogginnya. :)
Thanks michellee :D

RiaTii mengatakan...

lovely look. i love your top bil.
anyway, do like the food on the apartment ? me 50:50.
they do quite good if we're going to take a pic, but the food is not so yummy, but yeah. hehe.

anyway check my new post. no outfit post actually =P

Nabila RH mengatakan...

@ riati : thx rii.. Yes.
Agree with you!
I do think the taste's not really good.
Especially the aglio2.But the carbonara is fine.

michellehendra mengatakan...

cantik sekaliiii kamuu saiang.. :D
miss u so damn much.. anyway,, dah lama gak ngeblog.. :(((


Nabila RH mengatakan...

@michellehendra : thx girl!! :))
Iya, ayo nge blog sana..
gw pengen liat foto2mu yg cantik2 ituu..hehe

Abysm mengatakan...

cute outfit cool place! wanna go there!

come and check out my blog :