Sabtu, 10 April 2010


i went to my cousin's wedding.
it's weird to see him married tho..but i'm happy for him. ;))
GOOD LUCK to begin a whole new life bro. hehe
well, what i like about wedding is the food. i like eating.
so, this dress is really perfect, because i can hide my big tummy after eating all of those delicious foods.

what i wore..
dress-aunt's boutique / tights-unbranded / shoe-casedgy / bag-random

8 komentar:

Veren Lee mengatakan...

shoesnya luccuuuu :D

Tabitha mengatakan...

lovely dress, i love your hair! XD

i've followed your twitter and blog, follow back if you dont mind :D

LOVE, beauty splashes

A N A S T A S Y A mengatakan...

love the dress, boutique tantenya apaa...

Jessica mengatakan...

super gorgeous!!! :D :D

Vina Sagita mengatakan...

sepatunya bagus.. aku udah ngeliat di casedgy tp sayang ga ada ukuranku..

AlvianaKalin mengatakan...

you look beautiful in that top kak..:)

Eleh mengatakan...

the blouse is really gorgeous!

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani mengatakan...

I like your blog so much!
o, I've posted about simple crunchy!

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